Fish to Go

If you are planning a trip to Victoria from an area where fresh seafood is not readily available, or you are already here and are planning to go to one of those areas then one of our travel boxes is just the thing for you.

Our small box holds about 10 pounds and you can choose whatever you like from our selection of fresh or frozen local west coast seafood. Fresh fish will be bagged and packed with frozen gel packs to maintain optimum freshness, and frozen fish will stay frozen in the sealed cooler for up to 48 hours. Take some of our hand processed, flash frozen Halibut and Salmon to stock up your own freezer, then you can enjoy your trip to Victoria for months to come. Or, you could load the cooler up with halibut fillet and some  live local Oysters and Dungeness Crabs and have a really nice BBQ for yourselves and your friends when you get home. We think this could be a prudent investment since all those people will owe you one…

Give us a call at 250-383-6462 or come on down to the wharf to place your travel box order. We accept both Mastercard and Visa.