Seafood Restaurant & Fish Store

Seafood Restaurant & Fish Store

About Us

The Fish Store is a seafood restaurant and fish seller at Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria BC.  We have an advantage over other seafood retailers because we are not just a store, we are also a licensed processing plant. As a plant we have the ability to legally purchase fish and shellfish directly from the fisherman and process it right at our floating store.  We skip the middle man, pass the savings on and you get the freshest fish in season.

Our Menu

Our menu includes:

  • fry bar
  • oyster bar
  • steamed clams, mussels & crabs
  • fish tacos
  • rice wraps
  • fishwiches
  • soups & salads

Location & Hours

Fisherman’s Wharf

1 Dallas Rd

Victoria, BC, Canada

P: 250.383.6462
F: 250.383.6482

8 am – 10:30 am, Breakfast Menu
11 am – 8 pm,  Regular Menu

Seven days a week