In 1792 Captain George Vancouver was one of the first Europeans to sail the waters surrounding the Discovery Group in British Columbia’s Inland Sea. It must have made quite an impression on him since he named the area ‘Desolation Sound’. Not much has changed there since then, a few small settlements accessible only by water, no real roads and no industry to speak of.

Today this remote area is the perfect nursery for B.C.’s thriving shellfish industry. Pristine wilderness together with the flushing action of tidal currents that can reach 20 MPH provide ideal conditions for raising shellfish, and the icy cold, plankton rich waters of northern Vancouver Island supply all the nourishment these shellfish need to grow into plump delicacies full of flavor.

The next time you come down to the dock you should try some delicious steamed clams or mussels, or choose a few oysters from our selection and enjoy them on a bed of crushed ice with a couple of our home made mignonettes.