As with our salmon, we find our fresh halibut from a variety of sources throughout the season, and one of our favourite sources is William Strong. We purchased The Fish Store from the Strong family in April of 2009 and just as he has done for years, William still ties the Miss Emma up in front of the store and unloads freshly caught halibut directly into our refrigerated processing room. For much of the year, our halibut has never been on land until you walk off the dock with it.

Throughout the season we keep in contact with several buyers up and down the coast and we buy large quantities of halibut that we process and keep in cold storage over the winter. The price of halibut in season fluctuates daily so we make sure we get the best fish at the lowest prices so we can keep our prices low all winter long. All the halibut we buy here at the fish store are 30+ pound fish, and that means when you buy a piece of halibut from us you get a nice big thick piece that can go in the oven like a roast, or sit on the BBQ like a steak.