During the salmon season we obtain our fish from a variety of sources, but one of our favourites is Barry Crow. Barry is a commercial gillnet fisherman who scours the south coast of British Columbia looking for salmon. Last year Barry supplied us with Sockeye and Spring salmon from the Alberni Canal, and Chum salmon from Johnstone Straights.

When the fresh salmon season is over we turn to Michael Tobacco for our frozen winter supplies. Michael has been trolling for Queen Charlotte Coho salmon on his freezer boat for probably longer than he would like to remember. The salmon he catches on hook and line are dressed, frozen, and glazed (Glazing is a process that leaves a thin protective layer of water on the fish. Glazed fish keep in cold storage better than vacuum packed fish) within an hour of coming on board. When he comes in to unload he ships his catch to Minus 28 in Victoria (as the name implies a very cold place). Since these fish are processed immediately upon harvest, when they hit a BBQ or stove they are still at their very peak in flavor.