Albacore Tuna

Here at the fish store we love our tuna. The amazing thing about the B.C. tuna fishery is that most people don’t even know it exists. Every summer to fall a current flows up from warmer southern waters to as far as the north end of Vancouver Island and in this warm water are albacore tuna looking for opportunities to feed on sardines, anchovies and squid. The Canadian Pacific albacore fleet is out there as well, between 15 and 200 miles out there to be exact, trolling for these delicious fish with hook and line.

Once they are brought on board the tuna is placed in the ‘chiller’ – a tank of water refrigerated to just above zero – to bring the body temperature of the fish down quickly. Then it’s into the freezer hatch of the boat to be stored at -30 degrees until they are offloaded and sold.

We are very fortunate indeed here at The Fish Store because more than half of the fleet ties up to the same dock we are tied up to. This gives us the opportunity to secure the best looking fish for the best price, so we can pass the savings on to you. We have albacore tuna available here in the store as sashimi grade loins or smoked loins. If you like smoked salmon then once you try our smoked tuna you will have a new favourite.