Here at the fish store we have an advantage over a lot of other seafood retailers because we are not just a store, we are also a licensed processing plant. As a plant we have the ability to legally purchase fish and shellfish directly from the fisherman or harvester and process it right here on the dock. In effect we are skipping the middle man (or two) so we can not only pass savings on to you, but we are able to sell you the freshest fish in season. When it comes to local species such as salmon, halibut, albacore tuna, dungeness crab, and spot prawns it is not uncommon to see a fishing boat tied up in front of our store as the fishermen carry their catch into our store. There is no day trip to Vancouver while sitting on ice, there is no wait in a warehouse until a grocery chain buys it, and there is no trip back to the island to land on the shelves of a supermarket. Twelve feet of dock, that’s as far as our Dungeness crabs ever travel. In fact, a lot of our seafood, including some of the items we use in our sushi, has never been on land. We like to think by cutting out the middle man, we are also cutting out an awful lot of greenhouse gasses.

From only the finest fresh or live seafood in season to the highest quality frozen at sea products during the off season, it is best to come down to the wharf to enjoy the bounty of the West Coast. Since our store floats we are just a little closer to that bounty than the rest.

Our Shellfish

We believe that in order to have great quality there are two things necessary for shellfish.

One is that it needs to be alive, and the other is that it doesn’t come from too far away.  All of our shellfish comes from within our own little British Columbia golden triangle of Victoria, Desolation Sound and Clayoquot Sound. We don’t buy mussels that could be racking up frequent flyer points and our oysters and clams all grew up here on the west coast.